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Artists Profiles

Joshua Curd (Autistic Eye co-founder and artist)

What am I doing at the moment? 

I recently moved out from my parents' house and am currently living near Bristol. This has been a really good way for me to increase my independence. I have also started Autistic Eye and I did this so that others on the Autistic Spectrum can have a way to share their artwork and make some money from it. I feel that this is very important because there often aren't many opportunities for people with Autism after they leave education and if they have a skill they should have the opportunity to share it with others. 

What are my Interests? 

Board Games, Music, Computer and Video Games, Food, Water Parks, Theme Parks, Owls, Steam Punk, Art & Photography and Comedy. 

What are my long term goals? 

It has been really interesting to set up Autistic Eye, I have learned a lot and will continue to run it in the future. However, I eventually hope to be designing and selling my own board games because this is one of my biggest passions. I also plan to move London because of its music and board game scenes.

Marcin Sebastianski (Autistic Eye artist)

My name is Marcin, which is a Polish name as my family are originally from Poland. 

What do I love to do?

Art is one of my favourite activities and I enjoy painting, drawing, photography and working with clay. The things I like to draw and paint most of all, are people and animals, especially birds, although many other subjects can spark my artistic interest. I also enjoy taking photos and love changing the images to create different effects. 

What are my other Interests? 

Other activities I really enjoy are physical activities such as swimming and trampolining, as well as listening to and being creative with music.   

Lily Gayner (Autistic Eye artist)

Lily has a passion for art and gets very absorbed in her designs. Her strong use of colour and intricate details are combined with her ability to use both hands to create her artwork - its always a delight and a surprise.

Nicholas Meadows (Autistic Eye artist)

My name is Nicholas but I am sometimes called Nick. I am in supported living, which allows me to have more independence. I live in a flat near Crewkern. 

What are my interests?

My main interest is taking photos - I take my camera everywhere. I enjoy photographing wildlife so I spend a lot of time walking in the countryside. When I'm not taking photos my spare time is taken up listening to music, going swimming and cooking. My days are busy, helping in a shop, working with animals on a farm and spending a day doing drama and film.