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By: Autistic Eye | July 04, 2014

Today I am writing about something different. Normally I write about photography trips, but this time it’s about a particular subject - Special Interests.


People with Aspergers Syndrome tend to have special interests that they can get super excited about. I am going to tell you about mine!


My two main special interests and passions are Board Games and Music.


I love talking about them and a day never goes by without me thinking about them, researching about them and enjoying them.


I have followed these recently in two ways; firstly by going to a Board Games Convention called The UK Games Expo for the weekend in Birmingham at the end of May. An Expo (to people who don...

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By: Autistic Eye | May 27, 2014

Marco and I went to Royal Victoria Park in Bath on Thursday 15th May. I hadn’t been on photography trip in a while and it was the first trip with Marco, my support worker. Marco thought it would be a good idea to take some more photos to build up my collection, giving me the chance to turn some of them into cards. We decided to visit the botanical gardens in Royal Victoria Park. 

So we drove into Bath where Marco parked the car and we walked to the park.

We walked up passed the pond where I took some photos of the birds, ducks, pigeons and blackbirds. Then we walked up to the botanical gardens where I took quite a few great shots of the plants and trees. In the gardens, one is surrounded by plants and trees in all directions. It was ver...

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By: Autistic Eye | April 11, 2014

My Mum and I had a stall at a charity fundraising concert in aid of Time2Share, it was held at St Swithins Church.

We went because my mum suggested to them about having a stall and they contacted back to say they were very happy. We went to sell Autistic Eye cards. One of the main reasons we went is because I wanted to meet the Mayor of Bath and I did get to meet him.

When we got there, we set up on a table and we were the only people selling. We had a chance to make a few sales before the concert started.The choir were Bath Community Gospel Choir, I had heard them before. During the interval we sold cards and I got to meet the Mayor. I learnt that he is an interesting character and r...

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By: Autistic Eye | February 25, 2014

Johnny and I went to Bristol to go the M-Shed and also an Oriental supermarket. At the M-Shed we saw The Wildlife Photographer of theYear exhibition. When we got to the M-Shed, we bought the tickets, went in and had a look around. Then we had a look in the gift shop. Afterwards, we went to the Oriental supermarket, which is just behind Eastgate Retail Park.

The exhibition was enjoyable and inspiring because it was on wildlife photography, which is my favourite topic to take photos of. Two of the photos that interested me the most were The Flight Path (which was of a female Barred Owl) by Connor Stefanison and Feeding of the Five Thousand (which was of 5000 great white pelicans in Israel) by Yossi Eshbol. I learnt that there is a Wildli...

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By: Autistic Eye | February 21, 2014

Hi Jo it’s been quite a while since we heard from you, what have you been up to?

Well as a self-employed educational consultant I’ve been visiting schools and writing a course about Early Years for a conference inSpain.

Spain that’s quite away.

Yes it certainly is and I do hope I’m not too early for some sun.

Talking of quite a way away, I hear that Nat, Josh’s job coach, has moved on.

He left at the end of January to travel to South East Asia.The last thing we heard was that he’d moved south from Thailand and had eaten scorpions. Josh misses him but is happy with his new coach Jonny.

How’s Autistic Eye going?

As its only been running for two month...

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By: Autistic Eye | January 31, 2014

Nat, Mum and I went to Cardiff, in Wales. We went to school called Ty Gwin to meet a potential artist who has classic Autism and he is called Marchin. I was also excited to go to a retro games shop called SuperTomato. This happened to be near Bute Park, which is near the castle. This provided a good opportunity to take some nice photos.

We set off about 7am to get to the school for 9am. On the way, we got stuck in traffic due to a crash. This delayed us by about 2:30hours and meant we were very late. Fortunately the school were very understanding and friendly. We met a member of staff called Lisa who was an art teacher and responsible for helping Marchin with hi...

By: Autistic Eye | January 14, 2014

Last Thursday I went in to Bath. The plan was to take someof the weir and the after effects of the floods in Bath. I was keen on going to some woods in Bath to get pictures of trees.

I arrived in Bath to meet Nat at the Bus station around11:30. We then went to the weir and I took some photos. Although the river was high it wasn’t as I high as I thought it might be, this was slightly disappointing because I wanted some pictures of the river at it’s highest so that I could get pictures of the full effect of the high rain fall. We then walked along the canal and took more photos of the effects of the rain, some ofthese were better than that of the weir, because they showed the effects of the flooding better.

Lastly we went to Smallcombe ...

By: Autistic Eye | January 12, 2014

Hi Jo, Happy New Year how’s it all going?

Happy New Year to you too and to all our readers, supporters and anyone else who might be reading this. Things are moving on with ‘Autistic Eye’ and there are some very exciting initiatives in the pipe line but some of these are a bit frustrating too.

Why frustrating?

Administration always seems to take longer than one hopes. However, after many phone calls and discussions, our bank account is FINALLY open – hoorah! Many apologies to those of you who have sent us cheques for orders, as until now we have not had an account to put them in. The bank seemed to take ages to open this but the process is now complete and Josh, with Nat’s help, will be a...

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By: Autistic Eye | January 10, 2014

I thought I would post some images of me receiving my first order of cards. These arrived in early December, and I have sold quite a few since then, thanks to your support, but I thought people might like to see some images none the less. I hope you enjoy them.

Opening the Box

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By: Autistic Eye | January 07, 2014

Ben (my Bro), Nat and I went to Wells, which is the smallest city in England.

While Nat and I went to take photos to be used on greetings cards, Ben came to take photos of me to be used in a promotional video for the business, which will be released shortly.

Wells is a good photography location because it has a large iconic cathedral and is home to the Bishop’s Palace. The Bishop’s Palace is particularly well known for its trained swans,which ring a bell to ask for food. Here we managed to get a number of great photo’s, including some of the birds outside the Palace, which I particularly enjoyed taking.

Wells is also known as town of Sanford from the Hot Fuzz. We booked in for the Hot Fuzz tour (link) by Wells Walking Tours. W...

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