Greeting Cards

All of the artwork on the greetings cards were done by young people on the autistic spectrum. The money made through the sale of these cards provides an income and continued employment for artists with autism. Visit the artist profiles page to find out more about them.

To order our brilliant cards, simply click Add to Cart and follow the directions on the Paypal page to complete your purchase. Or if you prefer, send us an email at and tell us which cards you would like to buy. We look forward to hearing from you!

Artist: Josh

French Alps £1.50
Japanese Maple £1.50
Tall Bushy Tree £1.50
Inside a Broken Tree £1.50
Gloomy King Alfred's Tower £1.50
Geese and Snow £1.50
Frog £1.50
Looking Up Through Leaves £1.50
Headless Statue £1.50
Seagull £1.50

Artist: Marcin

Sailing Boat £1.50
Cardiff Bay £1.50
Penarth Pier £1.50
Blue Horse £1.50
Landscape £1.50
Peacock £1.50

Artist: Lily

Nest of Colours £1.50
Big Bird £1.50
Bird £1.50
Yellow Red Orange & Pink £1.50

Artist: Nick

Keeping Up with the Family £1.50
Glorious Mud £1.50
Plump Robin £1.50
Preening Flamingoes £1.50