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People from many parts of the UK and further afield are sending their artwork to Autistic Eye, so we've created a page to showcase a sample of their work and celebrate their unique talents. All designs below were created by people on the autistic spectrum. We showcase all types of artwork including photography and digital designs as well as painting and drawing. The work is produced by people of ages from professional artists and illustrators to talented amateurs and children.  If you are on the autistic spectrum and enjoy producing any type of artwork, or if you know someone who does, then do get in touch with us:


Astrid Robertsson (Sweden)
My name is Astrid Robertsson, I communicate and process the things I want to express through photography. Photography allows me to only communicate in ways that I am comfortable with and to capture what I see; there are no right or wrong 'invisible' rules to break by accident.  

My attention to detail makes it easy to see things around me that I think make more interesting photographs. Photography is like collecting something which I also enjoy. I mainly shoot film but also digital for some things, and I mainly use 50mm focal length lenses since these are close to what the human eye sees. My photography is mostly candid, documenting what I see as I see it.
Astrid Robertsson Website
Charles Pinkney (UK)

I live in Cornwall, UK. I have been unable to work since 2000 as I have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatique syndrome. I had a heart bypass in 2010 and was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome in 2013. My work is abstract, non-representational, non-figurative, instinctive. I work with paint,ink, paper,card,wood and more

Nathan Parr (UK)

My name is Nathan Parr and I live in Thornton Cleveleys, UK. I’ve been studying Art at GCSE and Triple BTEC level for the last four years and I’m now thinking of moving onto a degree course. I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome last year, which answered many questions I had as a child - I always knew that I did not fit in with the rest of the students. Now I have a chance to truly nurture the potential of my abilities and reach new heights, as I have established who I am and that there are others like me. I was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein when my art first took direction and I am also interested in screen-printing. My hobbies include gaming, films/television, music and photography.

Calvin Ellis (UK)

What am I doing with my time right now?

For a day a week through out the past couple of years I have been working in an office. I work in Admin for the Bath Rugby Foundation and enjoy my time making sure that it remains organised.

Other Interests

I do like to draw and paint taking up a keen interest in Street/Urban art. Other than artwork I also like to participate in sports. I play videos games mostly but when in the right mood, board games as well. I have gotten a bit into reading of late as well. I listen to various genres of music. While painting it tends to be more on the Symphonic Metal side of things.

Rebecca Giles (USA)

I am an artist from the USA. My still lifes explore the relationshipbetween light and colour, focusing on themes of luminosity,
translucency, and reflection. Because I find it difficult to
communicate with others, I focus more intensely on painting.
For me, painting is a way to form a connection with the rest of
the world because it is a way of sharing. I respond strongly to
light, and when I stare mesmerized at lights, shivers run
through my body and I feel as if I were melting. My goal is to 
recreate this experience in my paintings so that I can share the spellbinding beauty of light with others.
Rebecca Giles Website
Honey (UK)
Lewis Bennett (UK)

I really enjoy taking pictures of weather and landscapes and sometimes when i go for walk or go exploring i can get some really good photos like these 4 pictures.

Thiago (Brazil)

Thiago is from Brazil and loves to spend hours drawing. This activity is a way to express himself and show his sensitivity. To raise his self-esteem some small exhibitions have been held to show his work and he dreams of being a cartoonist. He currently loves to draw characters from animations, games, TV series, youtubers, artistic and political personalities and the people with whom he lives. In his drawings it's possible to see elements of English culture and the strong presence of science fiction. Thiago looks for inspiration in his favourite TV series: Doctor Who,

Thiago's Instagram
Jack Britt (UK)
Bek Small (USA)

Bek Small is a designer and illustrator making physical and digital artwork that represents everything vibrant, dramatic, and dynamic with work both exhibited at the Cedar Street Gallery in Lansing and published in East Coast Ink Magazine. Bek co-runs Sometimes Art House collective, which aims to create welcoming spaces for emerging artists to network with professionals in their field throughout Detroit and Lansing. Please inquire about licensing and commissionsvia the link below.

Bek Small Website
Adam Friesen (USA)

Adam Friesen was diagnosed with autism (Asperger’s syndrome) at an early age. He discovered his gift for creating digital art in high school and has used his talent to help him toward his goal of someday living independently. He has been the featured artist at several autism awareness events. Visit Adam's website to learn more about Adam’s story and to explore his collection of digital art creations!

Adam Friesen Website
E R Blueberrington

E R Blueberrington is a pen name. In an effort to cope with ocd, autism and various other problems I do as many different projects as possible. My intention is to never get bored and to do new things. This is part of my blueberry creations and this is a blueberry racing team boss Thelonious Dickinson.

Links to other Artists

The artists below may have been previously shown in our online gallery. In some cases their work has developed far beyond what we originally displayed. Do check out the what they are up to via the links below.

Kianna Peppers (USA)

Link to Webpage

Sara Holt

Link to Art Majeur Shop
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