Autistic Eye
Seeing Things Differently

Four Ways to Get Involved...

Autistic Eye is a community interest company that was set up to print, publicise and sell artwork by people with Autism. As a team, we are experienced in the fields of autistic spectrum conditions, education, business, art and design.

1. Become a Friend

Subscribe £7 a month (or £8 if living outside UK) to become a Friend. In return you receive four cards and a newsletter each month. This enables us to involve new artists, get more cards printed and provide ongoing work for people with autistic spectrum disorders. Click here to sign up.

2. Showcase Your Artwork

Young people from many parts of the world are sending their artwork to Autistic Eye, so we've created a page to showcase their work and celebrate their unique talents. All designs are by people on the autistic spectrum - have a look here.

We showcase a variety of artwork including photography, digital designs, painting and drawing. If you are on the autistic spectrum and enjoy producing any type of artwork, or know someone who does, then do get in touch with us:

3. Become an Artist

We currently have ten artists who are selling their artwork through us and we're looking for more. If you are an artist who has autistic spectrum conditions or if you are a parent of such an artist and are interested in joining our team, then we would love to hear from you. All artists on our team receive a portion of the proceeds from the sales of their cards.

Send us a brief email to: and remember to include some of your artwork as an attachment and a short description of yourself and the images.

4. Become an Affiliate

This is a great way for any school or organisation to show support for artists on the autistic spectrum. The advantages of becoming an affiliate is that we will publicise a link of your school on our website, thereby promoting all the positive things about your school. Our first affiliation commenced in April 2014, with Ty Gwyn School in Cardiff.

Affiliation costs £60 per year - for more details contact us on: